Aiseemo - about the company

Founded in 2021 by a team of scientists from AGH University of Krakow, Aiseemo develops<br/>AI-based video analytics for real-time object and event detection.


Founded in 2021 by a team of scientists from AGH University of Krakow, Aiseemo develops
AI-based video analytics for real-time object and event detection.

Our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge from their involvement in diverse national and international R&D projects. With expertise spanning scientific research, engineering, and business, we are passionate about delivering cutting-edge solutions.

At Aiseemo, we leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to provide automated detection capabilities, enabling real-time insights and enhancing surveillance effectiveness.

About the company

Aiseemo's mission is to empower businesses with advanced video surveillance automation, for optimized security and monitoring efficiency

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Meet the founders

Michał Grega, PhD Eng.

Founder | CEO


Top500 Innovators - University of California, Berkeley, USA. 
Extensive involvement in national and international R&D projects.
Head of the HEIMDAL project for weapon detection.
Expert at the NCRD and EU/EC. Co-author of over 80 publications
in the field of multimedia data processing. Project Manager of the
Traseo application. IPMA D, IPMA R&D certifications.

Andrzej Matiolański, PhD Eng.

Founder | CTO


Member of the image processing research group for 15 years.
Gold medal recipient at the Paris invention fair in 2014,
silver medal recipient at the Taiwan invention fair in 2015.
Participation in numerous international R&D projects.
SCRUM, PRINCE2 certifications.

Djamil Saoudi, M. Sc., MBA

Founder | CSO


Over 20 years of experience in business development and
project management. Focus on the telecommunications,
SaaS, and IoT industries.

Piotr Guzik, M. Sc., Eng.

Founder | R&D Director


Double PhD candidate at the AGH University of Krakow
in the Department of Telecommunications and at the
Jagiellonian University. Involvement in numerous national and
international R&D projects, including FP7 INDECT, NCBR INSIGMA,

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